Fortuna Czarne

This is a bottom-fermenting beer which ferments at low temperatures in traditional open vats. Like many other dark beers, it matures for a long time. The recipe includes caramel malt, roasted in the Miłosław brewery, and kola nut extract.

This beer’s extraordinary flavour is a combination of slightly bitter roasted malt balanced with a dose of surprising sweetness. The alcohol content is scarcely noticeable. Fortuna Czarne has highly refreshing qualities, but it can also be drunk as a dessert beer.

The product has garnered numerous awards, including the "Dobre bo Polskie" emblem, the Audience Award at the Polagra-Farm trade fairs in Poznań and a medal in the Szczyrk Beer Contest.

Fortuna CZARNE has been included on the List of Traditional Products administered by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The List consists of products whose quality or unique characteristics stem from traditional production methods (employed for at least 25 years). On top of that, eligible products should be a part of their local communities’ identities and their home region’s cultural heritage.

Fortuna Brewery was appointed Polish Food Producer 2006 for Fortuna Czarne.

Dark malt beer

Alcohol content: 5.8% abv
Plato: 15°


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