Komes Poczw鏎ny Bursztynowy

KOMES POCZW紑NY is an extraordinary beer created in order to commemorate 125 years of
the Fortuna Brewery’s operations. This is a genuine speciality: a strong beer with a wonderful amber hue, dry-hopped with a mixture of several hop varieties. It is brewed with the addition of malt roasted at Browar Fortuna, in compliance with more than 100 years of the brewery’s craft tradition. The drink’s bouquet and flavour will change over time, owing to the natural, time-consuming fermentation taking place in the bottle. It will win any beer lover’s heart with its fruity notes combined with touches of hops, resin and roasted malt.


Over its 18 month shelf life, Komes changes its flavour.
You decide how long your Komes will mature.

We brew our beers without haste, devoting lots of time and care to their production. Enjoy them in the same way. Let them be a source of lingering pleasure, the beer maturing in the bottle.
Unpasteurised beer.

Alcohol content: 10% abv
Extract: 18.5%
Plato: 19.5°
Recommended drinking temperature: 10-12°C


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