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The brewery’s history


Beer from Mi這s豉w was first mentioned in 1626 by an official entering the original brews into a register. Mi這s豉w turned into a dynamic beer centre, best exemplified by the contemporary beer tax (equivalent to excise). This tax was paid by as many as thirty-six local brewers.


In 1794 the widely recognised beer from Mi這s豉w was first dispatched to Danzig, from where it was sent out into the world in wooden barrels.


1889 marked a new era in Mi這s豉w, when the local burghers succeeded in building the modern, steam-powered "Fortuna" brewery. It was the inheritor of the town’s nearly three hundred years of brewing tradition.


In 1939 the brewery was seized by the Nazis; eleven years later, it was nationalised by the communists. In the decades to follow, it would gradually fall into ruin, while the excellent, widely renowned Mi這s豉w beer slipped into oblivion.


In 1995 the ruined, exploited brewery, stripped of its renown, was handed back to the heirs of the pre-war owners. Two years later Browar "Fortuna" Sp. z o.o. was established with the intention of restoring it to its original splendour and reviving the hundreds of years of brewing tradition in and around Mi這s豉w.


The spring of 2011 marked another milestone in the brewery’s history, when it was purchased by a group of beer lovers and experts with years of experience in the beer industry in Poland and abroad. In this way the brewery acquired considerable expertise in beer production and distribution. The new owners have consistently followed a policy of brewing speciality beers.


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