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The brewery as we know it today

The Brewery

Our production philosophy is based on natural ingredients of top quality, artisan production methods, like in-house roasting of malt or traditional, unhurried open fermentation. It takes highest quality ingredients as well as our brewers’ art and involvement, topped with precious time to offer our unique beers. It is a combination of several hundred years of tradition, a reputation enjoyed by local and regional beer brands, as well as the professional knowledge to develop recipes and brew different styles of beer.

We still produce beer very much the way it was brewed back in the 19th century. Browar Fortuna is among the few establishments in Europe which have returned to traditional open fermentation vats. After adding yeast, the beer ferments in a natural way, meaning it is not subjected to artificial acceleration, excessive pressure or temperature. In these conditions, the yeast is happier, rather than stressed out, as it has ideal conditions to propagate, as a result endowing the beer with a unique, fresh flavour and a rich aroma.

Beers produced at Browar Fortuna enjoy considerable popularity among consumers on the lookout for non-mass produced products brewed by means of traditional methods and offering a more extensive variety of flavours than the typical lagers marketed by mass brewers.


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