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The town of Miłosław was first mentioned in 1314, when it belonged to the Miłosławski family (Doliwa coat of arms). It was granted town privileges before 1397. Beer from Miłosław was first mentioned in 1626 by an official entering the original brews into a register. Miłosław turned into a dynamic beer centre, best exemplified by the contemporary beer tax (equivalent to excise). This tax was paid by as many as thirty-six local brewers. In 1794 the widely recognised beer from Miłosław was first dispatched to Danzig from where it was sent out into the world in wooden barrels...

Miłosław made a name for itself during the European Revolutions of 1848: on 30 April 1848 the battle of Miłosław was fought, the biggest in the Wielkopolska Uprising of 1848, sometimes referred to as the Poznań Uprising. The Polish troops, which were in the minority, defeated a well-trained Prussian army in an heroic battle. The event was commemorated by Juliusz Kossak; a reproduction of his "Battle of Miłosław" is placed on the back label of the "Miłosław Pilzner" sub-brand, inspired by the history and heritage of the beer’s home town.

In 1895 the Miłosław estate was purchased by Józef Teodor Kościelski, a patron of art and culture, who rose to fame as sponsor of the first monument to Juliusz Słowacki. The celebratory unveiling of the monument in Miłosław park in 1899 was attended by Henryk Sienkiewicz, as guest of honour . Since 1962, the Kościelski Award has been awarded to Polish writers at home and abroad, as part of supporting Polish fiction and poetry.

The Fortuna Steam Brewery, then the most technologically advanced Polish brewery in the region, was established in Miłosław in 1889 on the initiative of Władysław Rabski, a local entrepreneur. It was the only Polish brewery in the then Poznań Province, where Germanisation of the industry was fervently fought against. Together with a cigar factory, established in 1899, the brewery was among the biggest factories in Miłosław at that time. While there is no trace left of the cigar factory, Browar Fortuna from Miłosław has adhered to the many centuries of brewing traditions in and around Miłosław, brewing speciality beers, recognised in Poland and abroad.

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