Why is open fermentation so unique?

See how Mi這s豉w beers are produced!

A slow, natural fermentation method

or why it sometimes pays not to hurry?

The rules underlying open fermentation are as old as beer itself: shortly after man started to cultivate cereals in various parts of the world, the sugar in cereals started to ferment spontaneously under the influence of wild yeast. Modern technological solutions allow us to keep the beer production process under close control. However, some brewers are unwilling to switch to the new technology, where fermentation is enclosed in stainless steel tanks to prevent the beer from losing its traditional characteristics.

Fermentation in open vats is a quiet process which takes place at very low temperatures; depending on the type of beer, the temperature is at 8-10 蚓 (major fermentation). The process takes place at a natural speed, not hurried in any way. Complete fermentation takes from 12 to 14 days; this is up to twice as long as the fermentation process used in rapid, modern technological brewing in closed tanks.

An unforgettable fresh flavour and the rich aroma of genuine beer

or why you should not stress out your yeast?

In the conditions of open fermentation, yeast enjoys the best conditions to ferment beer. The process is unpressurised, with the free access of oxygen, which allows yeast to ferment "stress-free". This is in strong contrast to the speeded up fermentation taking place in unfavourable, high pressure conditions, where a large amount of the stressed out yeast dies or increases production of the undesirable side products of fermentation which leave an alcohol aroma behind and strip the beer of a wide array of traditional flavours. On the other hand, beers from the Mi這s豉w brewery, fermented in open vats, offer a fresh, traditional flavour and aroma, where the major features of specific beer styles prevail. Our yeast is happier, because it enjoys good fermentation conditions; it reciprocates by providing an extremely tasty result of its efforts. We dedicate the beers from Browar Fortuna to those discerning and informed consumers who relish this golden brew.

Brewing craftsmanship

or why our brewer stares at beer head rather than a monitor screen?

Open fermentation is a unique process also because of its craft nature. This method of brewing beer requires brewing experience and skills. Preparation of the fermenting vats, pitching yeast, filling wort, measurements, emptying the vats, yeast cropping, is all done manually. At Browar Fortuna the beer is visible throughout fermentation, while the brewer directly affects the process. This is unlike in the closed tanks in large-scale breweries, where the employees check the process only using measuring devices in an external control panel. A brewer in the Mi這s豉w brewery personally supervises the process, evaluates its progress and correctness, assesses the beer’s taste and aroma. The brewer’s contribution to our beers is his knowledge and passion.


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