What makes our beers different?

Anything but mainstream beers

The brewery’s strategy includes focussing on speciality, rather than mainstream beers.We brew our products with close attention to the most characteristic features of specific styles, employing unique technologies and ingredients. Our beers mature for a long time, in line with tradition.

Open fermentation - a unique method of brewing beer

Browar Fortuna in Mi這s豉w is among the few Polish breweries where traditional, open fermentation vats are used. Beer ferments in open vessels in a natural way; caring for the beer’s taste takes precedence over turnover. Free access to oxygen provides the yeast with excellent conditions to grow and results in the unique, fresh flavour and rich aroma of our beers.

In-house malt roasting

We stand out by using a dark malt which we roast ourselves. We can adjust the degree of roasting to a given product’s character, and the amount of malt roasted per cycle. This means that only fresh, aromatic malt is used to provide our dark beers with unique and characteristic flavours.

Natural ingredients

Our beers are brewed using natural, top quality ingredients. Our flavoured beers make a statement in terms of their flavours, attributed to the natural ingredients used in making them, including kola nut extract (Fortuna Czarne), inden tree honey from Polish apiaries (Fortuna Miodowe Ciemne), cherry juice (Fortuna Wi郾iowa), and ripe plum juice (Fortuna 奸iwkowa).

Time-consuming, double fermentation in a bottle

Repeat fermentation in a bottle requires time and brewing skills. When an extra dose of yeast is added just before a bottle is crowned, the result is a rich beer whose character changes over time, from very fresh to rather dry. This method is applied in the production of the Komes range and Mi這s豉w Pszeniczne.


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